Surveyor’s Location Certificate

If you are buying a new home or vacant lot, you may consider hiring a Professional Land Surveyor to prepare a Surveyor’s Location Certificate. A Surveyor’s Location Certificate depicts a plan view of the property showing the following:

  • Boundary dimensions.
  • All improvements, such as houses, sheds, fences, driveways etc.
  • Easements and rights of ways contained in the current deed which affect the property.
  • Distances from main buildings to property lines.
  • All known and visible encroachments on or emanating from the parcel and the magnitude of such encroachments.

There are several benefits to having a current Surveyor’s Location Certificate, including:

  • A clear depiction of any encroachments affecting the property.
  • A clear depiction of any potential issues related to building location and local zoning setback requirements.

If it has been suggested to you that you should obtain a Surveyor’s Location Certificate please call to discuss or send an email with any questions.